For serious Mentalists that want powerful commercial effects

“Turn Your Thumper into a Secret Weapon That
Can Deliver Convincing Mentalism That
You Never Before Thought Possible…”

…If You Own a Thumper Or Are Thinking
About Buying one… Then This 22 page booklet
Will Become Your Best Friend


The 7th Sense code book and manual is now available on its own for the first time. It has been described by some of the top pros as one of the best systems ever created for thumpers. Now many routines are available to you that you probably never thought possible.

The manual in its original form is now ready for you to adapt to your situation and device. It will flood your brain with ideas and creativity that will enable you to come up with your own powerful routines.

If you haven’t bought a thumper yet don’t worry - this package will show you where to get one for the fraction of the normal price. I am also including a few bonuses that I know you will enjoy…Read on!

Here are just a few applications you will
learn in this small but concise booklet

  1. Mentalist leaves the room while a volunteer is selected to do a drawing. The mentalist then returns and picks up the drawing. He reveals incredible pieces of personal information about the artist such if they are single or in a relationship, own a pet which kind a cat or a dog, if they are introvert or extravert. He then proceeds to eliminate members of the audience before finally returning the drawing to its rightful owner. (This is a personal opener of mine and I am giving it away as a bonus for the first time with this package).

  2. The mentalist asks the spectator to remove a card from the pack while his back is turned from a normal everyday deck. The Mentalist turns around and stares into the eyes of the spectator and names the card.

  3. While the mentalist is out of the room some one is elected to take a personal belonging and seal it in an envelope then hide it the room. The mentalist returns and hands someone a sealed envelop to look after. The mentalist then locates the hidden envelop and returns it to the owner. Lets say the owner is a female and inside the envelop she has placed her mobile phone. When the mentalists envelop is open it says “The spectator will be female and she will hide her mobile phone”.

  4. The mentalist at the other side of the room reproduces (real-time) a drawing made by a member of the audience without even coming near the spectator or their drawing. This can even be done in different rooms.

  5. The mentalist puts up £100 in five £20 notes as a challenge. All the spectator has to do is not give away the location of a personal object which he/she has been hidden under one of five paper cups while the mentalists back is turned. Then five tests are carried out one-by-one. The mentalist wins back each £20 note as he locates the object by reading body language voice tonality and logical deduction.

  6. Blindfolded mentalist can tell if a playing card is red or black as they are held up one by one behind his back. He then asks the spectator to deal cards face up and stop at a card he/she feels drawn to. Then another spectator opens a sealed envelop that is handed to them by the mentalist. It says " you will be attracted to (whatever card)..." And matches the spectator’s choice.

  7. Mentalist blindfolded is able to sense what personal objects are held up behind him by a member of the audience. The randomly selected member of the audience gathers the objects from the audience and stands well behind you. You can also transmit zodiac signs and all kinds of information.

  8. Mentalist and spectator back to back each assembles a set of coloured wooden blocks on top of each other. The audience can see in real time that they are in “sync” and both build the stacks in the same order of colours.

The thing about this booklet is that it will stimulate you to come up with your own ideas and systems. It will install a way of thinking that has lead to many of the original purchasers (including top TV mentalists) to create their own routines.

On top of all that I will include 2 valuable Bonuses:

Bonus #1
Where to find a powerful thumper at
the fraction of the normal cost

The original 7th Sense was based upon a sex toy with modified circuit boards and key fob transmitters. However the central transmitter is one of the most powerful and reliable devices I have ever come across.

Even in its ‘sex toy' form it can transmit signals through roofs walls floors. One client even did a drawing dupe in a different building. At the time of marketing 7th Sense they had a range of over 100 feet. In this package I will reveal where to get them and a simple modification that will make them able to perform all of the above and more. Currently they cost less than $100! Do not under estimate the power of this device because of the price.


But Hold on There IS More in This Package!

Bonus #2

IA Pad Manuscript Original price (£28.00)
Yours FREE! When you buy the 7th Sense Code PDF

"Invisible Assistant Pad" the most innocent impression device/pad you will ever come across. Plus it is very low tech and costs next to nothing to make. Back in 2004 it caused a sensation within the mentalist community. Checkout the reviews on the Magic Café at that time by clicking the link below.

This manuscript was originally marketed for £28.00 sterling. And fooled many top pro’s who handled it and examined it from top to bottom before, during and after the impression was taken and couldn’t find a thing! Not only that you can see the impression at any time right under their noses! This is also included FREE in the package. The original manuscript came with a couple of sample pads. However you will be able to find cheap pads at your local stationers. It comes with original routines ideas and tips including...

• Murder in the writing
• Devious Q&A
• Ultimate name revelation

Also included in this manuscript are details of how to use hypnotic language including NLP Presuppositions and Yes Set suggestions to maximize impact. And ideas and tips on cold reading.

Cost £35


Ps You get the 7th sense code, details of where and how to modify an electronic device to make a powerful thumper and the original "invisible assistant pad" manuscript. Order now as I don't know how long I will offer this package.

PPs Please send me an e-mail to when you order since paypal doesn't always alert me to those that order. And I will send you your PDFs within 24 hours.